Hey Guys
When you are playing lolnet and something occurs. There is a command called ./Modreq
When you post a Modreq The Lolnet staff and UAs will read it and Come to assist you :D
Remember a Modreq is for serious issues that you cant solve such as....
. Someone Griefed your house D:
. A Player is Harassing you or disturbing you.
. Server Issue (when you lagged and lost a valuable item)
. When you need to tell as Mods or UAs something confidential
Or any circumstances like these. Please don't spam Modreqs or ask things that are irreverent such as ...
. Help in Building houses
. removing Houses
. Asking directions to Buymore
If you do need help in these sort of things ask any lolnet player or Pm us UAS and we will try to help you :D

Cheers aheadvideos and the whole Lolnet Staff including Chosen :D


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Also no asking for items to be returned because you died in lava, or got killed by a zombie. That's part of the game.


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although asking directions to server locations is something important to new users
and is part of our job as staff to help. i dont mind doing that as a modreq:)