Minecraft Olympics!!!

Hello people of Lolnet,
I was thinking shouldn't lolnet have a minecraft olympics every 4 weeks? (4 years is waaaay too long) We could have an entry fee and a grand prize of $100,000 dollars (Up to lolnet staff). If you can make it, the server would be at least 120% cooler!!! Also if you could read my other post about camp, can you build that too. Ofcourse i'll be building it but I probably need a bit of help. I might make it a town!!! Thanks, the olympics though will hopefully be a server-wide competition! thanks!


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SupDoxx said:
Right now, with Hunger Games, I don't think much players would be playing Lolnet Olympics :p
Yeah a lot of users have been playing HungerGames :p Even Moderators and Admins! :D