Minecraft Lolnet Ideas #1



Just a random list I was thinking in Minecraft (It's just TOO RANDOM TO READ!)
1. Game Centre
*A shooting arrow game with pistons and earn food if you shoot one of the buttons (the blocks would be covering the buttons constantly by sticky pistons)
* The Money Game where you pay $500 (game money) for 1 ticket and you click a pressure plate (there will be 12 pressure plates) and different pressure plates will give you items that is iron+ . Will have to be updated every week :(
2.The Rules Quiz
*This is when the starters read the rules (or if there're lazy) and if they enter the Rules Quiz there will be questions on the rules and if they open a door (made of iron) to the right answer, next level or wrong, time for lava! If they complete all of the questions, they get an iron sword and some cooked beef and iron pickaxe. They will then get 1 leather chestplate. Also 1 workbench and 16 wood (not planks). A kit great for STARTERS!

That's all.