Minecraft idea!

Hey minecrafters!
Has anyone read Percy Jackson?
Well I was thinking about making a *Camp Half-blood*.
We could have a sword arena, archery zone, chariot racing/canoeing (Boats), lava wall which you have to scale the wall, cabins and food at night. There will also be a mine!
Anyone who wants to help out with this project or approves, please reply, Staff welcome to help out as this can be a public area for people to enjoy!
So do YOU think this is a good idea? Please help support it as I think this will be a great public attraction and might bring new players to the server!
(Oh yeah no one copy my post or idea! I don't own Percy Jackson! :p)
P.S. You can live here and each cabin will give you the opportunity to personalise a room! (Only if you're living in camp)

Cabin list and weapons/abilities (You pay money to get the cabin and abilities)
if you are senior consellor you get best weapons and you have to apply for consellor but no taking camp half-blood weapons out of camp! you can choose weapon and enchantment (Only one enchantment and weapon if normal camper, two if experienced camper and all if consellor)
1. Zeus (Any weapon with fire aspect lvl 1) $10,000
2. Poseidon (Water enchantments and any weapon) $10,000
3. Hades (Smite enchantment and any weapon) $10,000
4. Athena (Any weapon with any armor enchantments) $5,000
5. Ares (Any weapon with sharpness or knockback) $5,000
6. Hermes (Any weapon with looting) $5,000
7. Aphrodite (Only swords and any potion) $3,500
8. Hephaestus (Any weapon and fire protection)$6,000
9. Apollo (Bows and any bow enchantment) $7,500
10. Hecate (Any potion no weapons) $4,500

Feel free to add on any ideas by replying!


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I. Love. That. Series!
What a cool idea as well!
If you're still working on it, i'd be keen to help out!
Dibs a spot on Poseidon's Cabin! :mrgreen: