Medieval Style Town - Community Build


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Hi Guys,

Here is the thing. I love this server so far, its is everything i was looking for in a NZ minecraft server and more.

I want to get you all involved (voluntarily of course) to build a community project.

I am pretty big on making my building and designs as organic as possible, and as realistic and true to life as i can.

If you have visited Hydjal (my settlement) then you will see attention to detail, perhaps not to the level i expect of myself, but hey its not yet finished.

What i would like to propose is this:

A group of us get together and design a medieval town, based on the french town of Gisors and the Castle there of Chateau de Gisors.
Im hoping that those of you who volunteer, will take the time to research these places, and get a feel for medieval architecture of the 11th and 12th century and the subtleties of this era and its town planning.

We have the potential to create something magical.

So who is with me? ;)


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I've already started on my own castle build, but I may be able to give a bit of a hand during my break.