Me growing in Minecraft

SO, i started playing mine craft around 2 weeks ago or so :) after being recommended to play on the lolnet server by a friend.

I have evolved in minecraft, started off asking for help, every 2 seconds, then as a Graphic Designer, i wanted to see if i could push though any of my architectural qualities through to the Minecraft world. My first house i build, was not the best, with limited resources at hand, and lack of understanding it turned out being a pile of :lava:

Image of my first house made in the 1.6 map.

If image doesn't display correctly, click here

Then after moving into the new 1.7 world, and after playing and gathering resources, i started on a mansion, heres the front of it :)

Image of second house, made in the 1.7 map.

If image doesn't display correctly, click here

So thats the story of my entry and design side into Minecraft.


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squid said: turned out being a pile of :lava:
Don't you mean

Love the mansion! All of my houses are soo bad, being the town owner and all mine should be pretty good. But yours is too epic! :p

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Hey, as being part of your town, i should make you a house? :) haha i can always help, also i chose :lava: since it is Minecraft ;)


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Hey Squid,
You mentioned having graphic design skills. Can you post a few examples of your artwork/ pieces?