Maze contest (?)


Hey guys nitroform_ and i are going to be starting up a contest to see who can complete our maze it will be a bi weekly event if we get enough people interested in doing so.

at the moment the prize for winning is 50k(from our own pockets) to the first player over the line
possible gear/potions as well (if approved by admins)

there will be up to 4 people in the maze at a time.

only rules are no block breaking and no block placement.

let us know on here if anyone is interested in doing this

*edit* this will be in our temple building in which people will not be able to see the maze untill they are inside *


it depends what you mean by help.

also another edit, we are going to make the maze a pvp zone so players can kill each other if you die you get sent back to the start.

There will be chest threw-out the maze allowing contestants to gain an advantage over othe contestants