magic farm 2 server currancy


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The plots on the MF2 server are extremely expensive and the rules say no greifing but it's not easy to protect stuff with the towny plugin that allows towns members to greif and only get 9 plots. i was thinking maybe the server could get a currency system like tier one food (vanilla foods) can be sold for cheap and then the more difficult the food is to make the more it sells for. tier 2 snacks, tier 3 meals, tier 4 feasts that kinda thing. and maybe lower the plot prices so we can protect our stuff easier. not trying to sound like i'm complaining but it just seems a little more fair. :pig:


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"Fair" is a concept that's hard to apply to this situation. What you think is fair might be 1/10th of what i think is fair. Actually, 1/100th, as i don't mind mining to buy plots. :)

You get an amount of plots per person. More people, more area. So needing plots to claim isn't a problem. Each member gets 1 plot and then needs to get money to the mayor to buy more if they want more.

Doing food as money is way too easy. It's something you work on anyway. Unless the price paid was so small that it made mining for ores look better.

If you are having town members grief:
1. Kick them out of your town. You chose your friends poorly. Admin do not get involved in town disputes.
2. There are perms to assign plots to individual members, while other plots are open to the whole town. But that's up to you to learn to use them. There is a guide on the forums, and in the Mytown wiki.

Elvenkindred is pretty much in charge of that server now. He may make some changes with the reset. I'd talk to him ingame. People who play a lot on the server will have a much larger voice in the decisions.