looking for a team of good trusting people to help me clear a mountain in my claim,
will organize a date to suit people and also enchanted diamond pickaxes. It will help me continue with my ideas.. Please leave a reply to this post if you are keen to help me as world edit won't be available for awhile. thinking of rewards like permanent access to parts of my claims such as villager trading (if you don't intend to kill them) and iron golem chest, makes like 2 stacks an hour if you sit beside it, or even my auto sugar can farms and x-spawner (mob spawner in a X formation, YOUTUBE it it is really cool)


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Let me know if and when you need help, I'm more than happy to lend a hand.

I actually just finished levelling a small mountain myself. although I'm guessing what you're wanting to do is going to take a bit longer XD


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Poara if u are still needing help with anything else like building, digging or just getting materials just give me a message next time I am online and I will definitely help you out. :D