Lolnet's First League of Legends Tournament


Hello Lolnetians after a few weeks of discussion and polling we have decided to announce the start of the first Lolnet League of Legends tournament!
This tournament will commence in about 2 weeks. The default time for each game is on Sunday at 8pm this will be confirmed before each game by a captain of each competing team. Of course the time and day of which each game will be held can be negotiated if teams have legitimate reasons otherwise the match will be forfeit for the team who doesn’t show. This tournament will be Tournament Draft Mode, 5v5, Summoner's Rift until we have a winner! If you have a team ready your captain can go here and signup.
Remember it will be the captains responsibility to get the team organized for the event and to the games on time. Also even if you don’t take part in the event show up to watch others compete.

So from all of us at Lolnet get ready and well see you on the fields of justice.

Lord_Mega :D


Minecraft Username

TEAMNAME1 will setup the match and TEAMNAME2 will join!
eg: lolnetnz vs leaguenz
lolnetnz will create the game, leaguenz will join that game.

Game Name Format:

Game Password:
Will be sent to each team before the matches each week.

Game Conditions:
- Tournament Draft Mode, 5v5, Summoner's Rift
- Allow spectators in all matches.
- Each team must have at least one person recording the match, we recommend Open Broadcaster Software
- Must be on the League of Legends Oceania Server

The winner of the game emails [email protected] with subject line format “MATCH NAME” – “WINNER” and email body format “WINNER TEAM NAME”.
With a link or attached recorded video/s of the match. The video must not be uploaded to YouTube!

Unlimited teams. 5 Team Members per Team (plus two optional reserves).
Player accounts are advised to be level 30 and MUST own 16 or more characters as required for Tournament Draft mode games.
All matches on the Oceania (OCE) server.
Teams can swap Members between Games if those Members are listed as their Substitute.
If a Team doesn't have 5 Team Members they Forfeit that Game.
If a Team fails to report to their game within 15 minutes past the hour they will forfeit that game.
Any sign of cheating may result in a Forfeit of the Game, or disqualification.