Lolnet's First League of Legends Tournament Commences



Welcome to the First lolnet League of Legends tournament by now you should all know the rules and be signed up if you want to participate.

After discussion we have decided that each team competing will get 3 rounds versus each other and the final match will consist of 5 rounds, to accommodate for this change there will also be no set time for games these times will be organized throughout every week of the competition between the teams and lolnet organizers each team will have 1 week to complete their 3 matches, if you organize a game and don’t show up this will count as a forfeit for that round so make sure you can make it.

Now that all that’s out the way the first match will be the team Twisted versus the team T5 you will be contacted via email to confirm times of your games over the next week.

If you want to spectate the games please look out on the twitter and Facebook feeds as we will be posting match times and results.

So welcome and let the games begin!



Also here is the ladder for the other teams

[ Twisted ] VS [ T5 ]

[ WGNT BOYS ] VS [ Heronimus Blue Corps ]

[ Kiwis Can Fly ] VS [ Phoenix Firestorm ]

[ Police 10 7 ] VS [ BronzeVBandits ]


Our first team to move through to the next round in the lolnet league of legends tournament is the team Twisted who won because we had a no show so please remember if your in the competition to check your emails including junk mail and the forums to make sure you dont miss your week of games

The next games are between WGNT BOYS vs Heronimus Blue Corps

So get ready your games are about to begin!
Lord_Mega :)