Lolnetian of the week mechanic request


I recently watched the 1st weekly video of lolnet and heard about the Lolnetian of the week deeleo and They (Cptwin and That Lady whom i forgot her name. Don't Hate me on that.) stated that you post a comment on the video on youtube and your minecraft username. Why can't it work on I kinda think it should happen on the official Lolnet website for those lolnetians that want to be on Lolnetian of the week, but don't have a youtube channel and doesn't want to get one anytime soon. So Cptwin and all the Lolnet staff reading this, can you please make a new page for Lolnet of the week applicants? I would really appriciate that and i'm guessing others will too.

Tell me Guys and Girls. Do you think Cptwin should do this or keep it as it is?



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Thank you for your question danthemab.

By hosting the weekly Lolnet video and Lolnetian of the Week we are trying to increase our presence on YouTube and encourage people to subscribe to us. For this reason you will need to post your comments directly on the weekly video in order to be in the running to become Lolnetian of the week. Remember you don't need to have a YouTube channel to be able to do this just a YouTube/Google account, for example Gmail or Google+.

If you do not have/want an account remember there is always heaps of things already happening on the forums, so you will not be missing out!

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ChloeBum (aka That Lady)


Ok Chloe thanks for clearing that out for me and sorry about the mishap on your name. i forget alot of minor things :(