Lolnet Survival Island.


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Hey guys and girls.
I've come up with the idea of making a survival island.
Youtubers can record it but their is one thing you need to play.
We need to talk so it will be more intresting.
Their are chests all around the island and special stuff to find.
Give me a pm or send a mail to me in-game.
I'd be great if we can get the staff on it to, The Requirements:
Max users: 10
Has to be on mumble.

Thats all you need so if you intrested hit me up.
And for more infomation just ask me.


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Its to hard to contact users in game, Its better using the mumble program. You dont need to talk you can just sit their if you like but we'd perfer you to talk back. Its up to you though. If another reason people arn't coming on is because they have "high" to be honest it doesn't matter at all, all we want is to chat with the lolnet users. Or maybe its hard to install, ask me ill help with what you need. :)


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Its not because I have "High voice". it because this is a family computer and I wouldn't be able to chat most times. Btw When will u build this and can I help or have u already built it?

~ xDill