Lolnet Hunger Games 2 - Discussion Thread

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Proudly brings you,


The Lolnet Hunger Games 2!!!

It will be:

-Bigger than ever with 28 places,
-Taller than ever,
-Funner than ever,




It will be better than ever:
28 Competitors, 1 winner. Get ready, now!



The Important Stuff:

-Limited to 28 places, sign up with your interest on this thread before they run out
-Starts 7:30pm (Must be on by 7:00pm to secure spot)
-Date: Saturday 14th July
-Got Questions? Need help: Post on this thread or contact 0zlw
-Cash Prize: $200,000 Survival World money

The Not so Important Stuff (Feel Free to Skip)

The Arena

Theme: Tunnels and Towers

A sniper's heaven, this Hunger Games will not be one to forget. An amazingly designed multistory tower provides the perfect backdrop to the Hunger Games 2. A small space, this years Hunger Games will be action packed as the towers get overrun by 28 people. Chests in strategic locations will give you something to fight for. The arena has been designed by one of Lolnet's finest designers, Schnicks Nz.

The Rules

-Must be here by 7:00pm or you could loose your place
-First in first served on the forums
-No cheating or hacking
-Block can't be broken
-Teaming up is allowed, but watch your back... Only 1 Winner!
-Current prize is set at: $200,000 (Survival World)
-No abuse of other players or Lolnet Staff will be tolerated otherwise you will be muted for the duration of the event.
-All instructions by an Administrator must be followed (Or you may be disqualified from competing)
-Do not bring anything with you to processing.


-Date is currently Saturday the 14th of July (Subject to change)
-You will not be able to participate if you are not ready at 7pm.
-You will be processed in an orderly manner, you must be patient at all times.
-It will start at 7:30pm sharp with a 10 second count down preceding the start.


This year's arena will be a spectacle to not forget. Because of it being small but being tall, makes it the perfect place for spectating. However the spectating zone has windows so key rules apply:

-Spectators may not bring anything with them. (Anybody who attempts to sneak stuff in will be banned from watching)
-All spectators will be screened for items, so attempting to sneak stuff in will not work.
-Spectators must remain calm and orderly or they will be muted.


Official Hunger Games voice chat will take place on the Teamspeak server (Connect to ""). Players using this will receive advanced priority with processing and request handling as well as being the first to know any important information. (Joining this is suggested for best results)

$50,000 (Minecraft Survial World Money) in total will be drawn as spot prizes for TeamSpeak users, so why not join, even just listen.

Note: Please be respectful of important information that needs to be sent across and it is appreciated if we do get silence when we ask. Any sort of abuse will not be tolerated.


Just put your name on this thread if you are willing to join and you will be added to the list. Ensure your minecraft name is on the post.

Registered Users (First 28):

1. Gxlnz
2. Sentaria16
3. Cptwin
4. Stiggyla
5. Xx_noodelz_Xx (Low Priority)
6. Rendy
7. BenB
8. IAmFluffie
9. Gountero
10. Dezil
11. Nitroform_
12. Schampelz
13. BennyFighetZ
14. ZombieApocalips
15. Danhanado
16. BombaSuski
17. SlayerX
18. Lord_Mega
19. LordDoug
20. Lackoflag
21. Schnicks_NZ
22. Ado5
23. Blinkebot
24. SupDoxx
25. Buzbar10
26. Ironspartan117
27. GazzanatorNZ
28. Dylan2020

Waiting List (In Order)

1. Kronos


Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

nice this looks pretty cool and different cant wait to play

Thanks all the people that put their effort into this


Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

im sentaria16 i would like to join the hungary game 2


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Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

Note: We're looking for a naming rights sponsor to the Hunger Games, for an Ingame donation of $300,000 to the prize money. You'll be able to name it something you want (Within reason) like, The 0zlw Hunger Games.


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Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

I'll take a spot on this one, record it from a players point of view :D

also going to email and facebook post this everywhere :lol:


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Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

Just a reclairfication on the sponsor thing, the minimum required will be 300k, But I'm prepared to have a bidding war for naming rights if it reaches that point.
Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

I'll apply =)

Put me on a low priority though as i might be moving that day so theres a chance i could be pushed for time ha.


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Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

I'm keen to play but like Noodelz I'm low priority due to assignments for school and such ><


Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

Count me in, I just missed it last time, but will most likely be there for this one!
It looks awesome, well done Schnicks_NZ!


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Re: Lolnet Hunger Games 2!

count me in looks like fun