Lolnet Halloween Weekend

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:fire: :fire: Lolnet Halloween Weekend :fire: :fire:

Ladies & Gentlemen!
Introducing Lolnet Halloween Weekend! This event starts at 7:00pm NZT on Friday 30th October and spans till Sunday 1st November. During the weekend we will also be enabling Double Lolcoins Mode, enabling you to get twice the amount for voting, than you normally would.

Also keep an eye out for special trick and treaters! They are known for tricking then stealing your treats!

Friday 30th October

7:00pm - Best Dressed Competition - Hosted by EMPEthan
Dust your creative skins in the wardrobe and put them on! To mark the start of the event we will be rewarding a user who has the best skin to match the spirits of Halloween. (Pun intended)

Saturday 31st October

~Saturday Morning (by 10am) - The Infinity Evolved - Hosted By FaMatrix
Got bored from Infinity modpack? Want something harder / challenging? I present you to the new Modpack coming up this Halloween.. The Infinity Evolved! You'll find out on 31st of October.

5:00pm - The Hunger Games - Hosted By EMPEthan
In a dystopian future, the totalitarian nation of Panem is divided into 12 districts and the Capitol. Each year two young representatives from each district are selected by lottery to participate in The Hunger Games.

7:00pm - Five Nights At Freddies - Hosted By JellyTipGamer
You are in a dark hallway, with lights flickering and terrifying noises surrounding you. You feel tense, worried, scared. Do it right- or be warned. There are only 5 nights at Freddies!

Sunday 1st November

6:30pm - The Mystery Mansion - Hosted By Tegal_NZ
Something has been left behind, a sword of great power. Explore through the abandoned Mansion, reading clues till you find a room which contains the Sword of Houston. Good luck.

More Events Coming Soon!

The Lolnet Administration Team ~ Trick N Treating Since 2010
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