Lolnet FTB Turns 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well what a year Today is the 1 year anniversary of me opening the FTB server to the public

Back then i ran the server from home on a hopeless 1mb upload speed but i was determined to have a go at this server thing so we lagged out on about 5 players a few weeks down the track i updated my connection speed and we could then get 20 people online.

but the server grew and we got to the point were people would fight to be on the server so i moved to a vps this was great we could get everyone online and the server preformed very well

after a month of being on the vps i was very keen to take it to the next level and had already been talking to cptwin about buying a server between us that we could co-locate this dream became a reality in august 2013 and we moved on to our fancy new hardware (This new hardware would prove to be the best thing we as a community have ever done) the new hardware was so much better than a vps having a dedicated box meant we could expand and grow our community in many new ways including running several servers with different packs.

this brings us to this week.... well this week has been epic for me i had set myself a goal of getting 50 players online between unleashed and Magic farm (i set realistic goals) but on Monday this was blown out of the water when we hit 45 on unleashed alone and got a combined 63.

I love running the servers and also love to see our community grow and flourish this is what running a server is about for me bringing a bunch of great players together to share there experiences with each other and that is why i would like to thank you the player as with out players a server is nothing

I would also like to thanks a few other people (this list may get long and if i forget you i apologies)

Firstly cptwin Thanks for taking a chance on me (I'm sure you will agree it paid off )
James them custom plugins make our servers have an edge

0zlw for all the permissions installing plugins nagging cptwin for things etc

Titan for helping me get the server of the ground when we first started

Mik For all the hours you put in building things writing rules and fluff

the current mods with out you the servers would not run so smoothly

and finally to the New auxiliary's thanks for taking the time to apply to be part of something i think can become much bigger

If you read this cheers for taking the time