Lolnet Events

Hello fellow lolnet players.

Now i was just wondering what event you would like lolnet to hold and i will host it and build it as best as i can.

.Must be a pvp survival one
.Must be able to have 24 people or more unless it's something like The Walls


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I was thinking, maybe we could have a few Mock Games?
Like mini hunger games :mrgreen: I will help contribute if you want me too and good luck!
I have been thinking about a mini hungergames Im probrably going to build one but the map wont be extremely big and i would LOVE someone to vid ill post images of the map when done.

Also i will need someone to build the starting platforms im a bit noob at building them

Also Also its not going to be a massive and very flash map because im not very good at design like 0zlw or Schnicks but i will try my best

Also Also Also (so many also's) I may wait for the mod announcements because if i make it now and i get mod it will just be a waste of money.
Yep that would be sweat just made a crap one for me and my friends ill try make a better one for the Big event ill just give you a shout when ur on to say if i need a hand ok.