Lolnet Event This Weekend!- CactICE tornument


Hey fellow Lolnetters!

Me and JellyTipGamer (with help from EMPEthan) have decided to run an event these holidays! The event is! (Drumroll please! XD) A CactICE tornument! This tornument is this Saturday, 11th July ONLY. It will start at 4pm, this event will last on how many players show up. What is CactICE? Let me explain:

All participants are placed in a holding room. They will stay there for around 20 seconds (so you can take deep breaths and work out a strategy XD) After that time, you get released into an arena with an ice floor with cactus rimming it. The players get knockback sticks (no other weapons, swords etc.) The players have to knock others into the ring of cactus. You just keep doing this until last player standing wins! Here are some rules though:

- No god/fly mode (that just wouldn't be fun at all)
- No armor of ANY kind!
- No personal weapons (No swords, axes, etc.)
- Have fun! (Having fun is still a rule... right?)

BTW, it is highly recommended that you clear your inventory before the event, because when you die, you drop everything. :(

Hope alot of people show up!

-CoolBurl and JellyTipGamer :p


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