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We are passionate gamers who like to develop new and interesting things for others to share and enjoy! Our focus is mostly Minecraft plugin development, this covers a very broad range of things to do! Website Design, Graphic design, MySQL Databases and of course Java are just a few of the things that our developers do every day.

Author: james137137
In the most recent versions of the oh so popular Factions (1.7,1.8 and 2.0 and above), you may have noticed that the faction chat feature was removed. Faction chat really comes in handy at times to easily talk with whole groups, whether you're planning with your allies to take down that faction you just hate that or discussing top secret plans with your clan. This plugin is there to fill in that gap and bring back this high demand feature, aiming to replicate what has now been removed from Factions.
FactionChat is rank 85 in MCStats

Name: james137137
Skills: degree in Mathematics, Java programming, Fast learner
Weaknesses: a very bad speller, Plugin titles "what should I call a Chat function that works with Factions.... Factions......Chat.... FactionChat!!!
Projects: FactionChat
About: I love Mathematics

Name: cptwin
Skills: Java, MySQL, PHP and other Fancy Acronyms
Weaknesses: Work
About: I like Trains!

Name: X_erG
Skills: Bachelors of Media Design, Front End Wet Design and Development, Advance Video Game and Multi-Media Design
Weaknesses: Terrible mods.
Projects: WIP - Everything... Matters Crytek Engine based game. :creeper:
About: I lead front end development and do fun things, like make games.

Name: _Tsukin_

Name: meeces2911
Skills: Reading other peoples code
Weaknesses: flying monkeys
Projects: Minecraft Synology Packages
About: I like Pineapple Lumps

Name: liamcottle
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