Lolnet CTF Plugin Plan


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What lolnet CTF will do:

You can create two types of arenas; Normal and Horseback.

In normal, players try to capture the other team’s flag and take it to their base on foot. When selecting a game from a lobby, players can decide between Normal and Horseback.

In Horseback, players do the exact same as Normal, but in a more horse friendly PvP environment. (By environment I mean easier for horses to fit etc)

Joining A Game:

To join a game, there will be a sign placed at a location of your choice, with the lines to be made up of something (Undecided). Presumably they will be like this: Line 1 = [CTF] Line 2 = lobbytp Line 3 = [LobbyName].
Then, the player will be teleported to a lobby and be presented with a sees of signs. The Normal Sign will look something like: Line 1 = [CTF] Line 2 = join Line 3 = [ArenaName] Line 4 = [The plugin will fill this line with the type of line 3].
Upon Join, your head will be set to the block of your team. (Red/Blue)

Object of the game:

Obviously, the Aim is to capture the enemy team’s flag by PvPing your way to it. Once you have their Flag (Captured by punching) you must then PvP your way back to your base. If you die with the flag in hand, the flag and you will be returned to your respective bases.

Arena Setup:

The arena will be setup in the usual fashion;

Step 1; /ctf create [ArenaName] [ArenaType(Default = Normal)]
Step 2; Make a world edit cuboid selection for the lobby
Step 3; /ctf setlobby [ArenaName]
Step 4; Stand where you want users to be teleported to in the lobby
Step 5; /ctf lobbyspawn [ArenaName]
Step 6; Create a WorldEdit cuboid to be the arena.
Step 7; /ctf arena define [ArenaName
Step 8; Stand where you want players to be spawned upon arena join
Step 9; /ctf arena spawnpoint [ArenaName]
Step 10; Repeat steps 8 and 9 2 times, one for each base.
Step 11; Done, now you can add signs into the lobby. (See ‘Joining A Game’)

To Do List:

And dependency for Vault and Worldedit and test
Create an onCommand method and test
Add statements to that method and test
Create an ArrayList and test
Add created arenas to that ArrayList and test
Add signs and test
Configure heads and test
Scoreboard and test
Timer and test
Configure the ‘Capturing’ of flags and test
Add any forgotten bits of code and test
Polish Plugin and test
Finish, Build and test for the final time!

And so ends a plan for the Lolnet CTF Plugin. Depending on all sorts of things, this plugin could take anywhere between 5 days to 5 months. When it is finished, you will have a whole heap of fun :D