Lolnet Creative Plots Release

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Hey Everyone!

This Sunday 4th May At 5:00pm we will be releasing CreativePlots!

This server will be open to ALL users.

Amounts Of Plots Available By Rank:

Users: One Plot
RedstoneVIP: 2 Plots
GoldVIP: 3 Plots
EmeraldVIP: 4 Plots
DiamondVIP:5 Plots

Gold, Emerald & Diamond VIP's will also have the option to change their biomes, available to them.

Along side all that, we will also allow 1 statue per DiamondVIP to be placed on ONE of their plots. The statues are available in Wool, Clay or Glass. Here's a sneak peak:

To request a statue:
1) Go to your plot
2) Then do /modreq Requesting Statue of <namehere> in <optionhere>

Remember: Statues are only available to DiamondVIPs

To simply claim a plot do /plotme auto which will claim the nearest empty plot for you.

List Of Commands Can Be Found At: ... /commands/

All users will also be allowed to make Lift signs. Tutorial for them can be found at: