Lolnet/CoM Minigames Theme Park Rebuild!


Because of examinations, I was unable to move my theme park from the old world to Pluto, so I'm deciding to rebuild it! I might call it the Lolnet Minigames theme park, but if that's already made, then, I'll call it the CallOfMiners theme park.

Minigames will include:
1. Spleef / Reverse Spleef (I might make more versions of Spleef)
2. Rainbow Fighters
3. Zombie Siege (A minigame made by me :))
4. Mario Boat Kart Racing (A new circuit, and more special items!)
5. Tower Control (With friendly PvP, no weapons, only snowballs and fist fights to knock people over)
6. PvP Parkour Map ( You can PvP in the parkour map to try knock people down)
7. Blocksketball (Minecraft basketball)

Some more ideas of new minigames will be appreciated! I might need a few volunteers which have creative to build this, it may take a lot of work. I will be able to start working on it about January 28, since I'm overseas atm...and a bit unable to make such a big project. So if you want to volunteer, please leave a reply below. Thanks :D