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hello, my user name is bigbossbubba.
i play on the lolnet dw20 server.
i bypassed the over world spawn placement and placed a quarry in the over world using a block placer.
i also grief other players bases by using a rail craft tunnel bore.
i at first was testing things, bad things i should have not been testing and then proceeded to use them to grief and break into someone base.
then seeing that where i broke into someones base happen to be where there chests where... it was not my first intention.
then placed there chests back and most of there stuff back... having stole something that where valuable.
diamonds and a few nether stars and some nether skeleton heads and some wood, maybe a few more things.
then after a while i thought of getting someone really good ... someone i didn't like... his name was ray something.
i proceeded to break into his base and steal him entire ME system and added it to mine ... there were tons of items and it most likely set him back very far ...
i was in the moment and not thinking
I fully understand why i was banned and i do believe that i should remain banned.
i apologize for all of the hard ache and trouble i may of caused to anyone.
this probably has already been done but i gift all of my loot to ray and the other dude i grief'd.
this message goes to anyone that may be trying to grief other players, its not worth it they will catch you DONT DO IT!!
now for my final request someone say to the people i grief'd that I'm really sorry and that i wish for them to have at my base and if you guys can take things off of my player its self i have a fully upgraded power suit for whoever wants it.
also ... i do not expect this whatsoever but it would be very nice to at least put a time on the ban even a year, just because i bought 'lol' coins and had lots of claim blocks and i still like playing with you guys,and wish for you forgiveness.
it would be very awesome of you guys to forgive such a horrible thing done, the worst thing i could even think of and i did it D;\
i still can't even believe what i was thinking
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