[Locked] Ban Appeal, By JellyTipGamer

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---
I am a big fan of minecraft and I love lolnet.

Username: JellyTipGamer
Main server you play on: Lolnet, Creative Plots and Survival.

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Temp Mutes, Temp Bans, Then a Perm Ban
Length of punishment: Perm
Reason given in database: First, Spamming Chat instead of using /m and getting a temp ban because I did not learn from my mute. Then I got a perm ban for bypassing the temp ban by going on another acc and telling KittyKatz_ I was banned. I also said Mik was super mean because I was very upset. :/

---Your Appeal---
Do you accept what you have done: Yes I do.

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced: I have read the rules again on viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2676&p=9681#p9675 and it said 1.3. No spamming chat or commands and no advertising of other servers and websites
- Spamming is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: Repeated characters or words in a sentence; Multiple sending of a same or similar chat message; saying random nonsense; breaking sentences or words up into unnecessarily small parts. Also, respect other players and admins and I said Mik was mean even though they aren't I was just upset. I also don't care if I get a very long temp mute or perm mute because I just wanna play lolnet. <3

Additional details/comments: I miss lolnet very much and I hope I can get back on to carry on building.

Not open for further replies.