Let Me Fully Introduce Myself


New Member
Hi. I'd like to really introduce myself while I am away/banned from Lolnet's server for a week. I feel like I never fully explained who I am, so here we go. :D

I'm 13 years old to start off. I live in the U.S.A and my interests are in Computer Hardware, Graphic Design, Cosmetology, things like that. In my freetime, I (obviously) play Minecraft, most of the time on my favorite server, Lolnet. I've met many friends on Lolnet too, some of which I think hate me now. :(

I am skilled in the areas of Computers and Graphic Design, or at least for my age. For some reason, i take fascination in taking apart CPUs and looking at each individual part, such as seeing how much ram it has, looking at the graphics cards, Hardrives. In the future, I definitely plan to go to college and get a job in that area.

So there you go. There is a brief explanation of me. :)