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I am planning to host two events on the new Kingdoms server.

The first will be called Kingdoms Showcase. This will take place about a month after the server opens. Players who want to enter the even will just need to sign up on the forums with Town name. Over the next week or so, we'll TP around the various towns, and do a 'first cut'. If your town is good enough to make the first cut, it will get judged against all the others on another night when several of us will be in a mumble channel and laughing at...err, appreciating all your building styles. Winner gets something cool. We may run these occaisonally.

The War of Kings!
Building pretty palaces is all nice and good, but Kings rule by the sword. This will be a free for all PVP event in an arena. To enter you must be the head of your own town, and must be recognized as either the King of an MCA town, or the Leader of your people for Millenaire. Weapons may be diamond, gold, or Millenaire weapons made by your people.
Armor TBD, maybe we make you all fight in kingly robes and crowns :) We'll be building an arena for this event. Probably do this a bit after the Kingdoms Showcase.