Just a Thank you


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So, i lost interest in minecraft a while ago, i hadn't played in a while, other then on xbox, and that was never for long. When a friend (i wont drop names but i'm sure most of you can guess who). said lets play minecraft i was like, ok i'll give another go, see how things go.

We came to the Lolnet nz server, and i have to say, I've been hooked since. I love the server, the community are kind, friendly, they help each other out. Everyone gets a long. I'm glad i gave minecraft another chance, and I'm glad i was brought to this server.

as you may know or see, i have donated to the server, I'll support as much as i can.
just wanted to say thank you, to all the Lolnet staff, and the users for bringing my love for minecraft back. You've created an amazing server with amazing people.

Thank you once again everyone