Minecraft Username

Started playing minecraft: take a guess
Joined lolnet on 31 Mar 2012 (well that what the forums say)
Donated to lolnet and became gold-VIP 27 April 2012
Became a part of the staff (moderator) on 28 May 2012
Became lolnet Moderator Commander 11 September 2012
Became lolnet Administrator 1 december 2012

About me:

I am a New Zealander that wanted to play on Minecraft in multiplayer and I wanted the server to be New Zealand based. I found lolnet via Google typing in "new Zealand minecraft server" and I still remember my first hours on lolnet. I was a pure noob asking the entire common question today. "Where is the wildness", "where is the Supermarket", etc. My first shelter was a simple dirt house (more like box with no top) with a chest and a door.

During my time as a normal player I very much appreciated all staff (e.g. 0zlw) support which encouraged me to ask (0zlw) how to become a moderator. I posted my application on the 17th of April, one day before my birthday. I lied of my age I was not 21 when I posted it, I was 20 years and 364 days old. (1 day different) :D

My Aim is always (try) to be respectful (even if they aren't) to all player, don't be afraid to ask for help, and there is no dumb question.
As a moderator I have tried my best to keep to this aim, I try to do my best, and try to set a good example.

When punishment is needed upon a player I aim to be fair toward that player and everyone else that is effect (directly or not), I have to accept that there are times when I will be wrong and I must learn from mistakes and improve myself where it is needed. We are all humans in the end.

I could go on about myself for hours but this is an Introduction and not a life story.

Your Admin


P:S: Lolnet is the best minecraft server :D