JAMES137137/TheChosenOne please read


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Hello, choosen one said i could get a refund because my house and all my other stuff was gone
Here is some proof
Unfortunately if you dont log in for a long time a plugin had started to regenerate the area, we have disabled this now. The best we can do is give you refund for your items and houses. Please mail james137137 or myself to talk about the refund.


i wish to get my refund so can you put my refund in these chests at...


Items i want refunded...

3 stacks of potatos
1 1/2 stacks of diamonds
3 stacks of iron ingots
half a chest of cobble
3/4 double chest fulled with soulsand
1 stack of wool
32 glowstone blocks
3 stacks of redstone blocks
1/2 stack of leather
5 stacks of wood log (Oak)
3 stacks of arrows
Entire chest fulled with stone bricks (to make my new home because i was saving up for a new home)
1 1/2 Stacks of gold ingots
3 stacks of glass
5 brew stands
2 enchanting tables
1 anvil
5 blocks of iron
1/2 a stack of Obsidian
12 emeralds
9 stacks of coal
3 stacks of nether wart
1 stack of gun powder
3 stacks of seeds
2 stacks of bones
16 bookcases
1 stack of sugar cane
1 diamond armor set

Please do this as soon as you can :ugeek: