Is this normal?


So I experienced a really weird glitch while playing pixelmon and I thought I would share it with you guys so you can look into it.

It all started when I got stuck in quicksand. This wasn't the problem. I just got my spade and dug out, but when I jumped out, It started glitching me out and freezing me in the air whilst shaking my screen uncontrollably (You can't see this in the image but it was causing me nausea). You can also notice that the spade I used to dig myself out of the quicksand with, was now on the left side of the screen. <---- Image

So, a bit after this happened, instinctively typed /home to try to teleport me elsewhere.
But, it still kept on going, even after I teleported to my house.
The first image is me stuck inside the window of my house. The second is me stuck outside by the house. I wasn't really stuck, I could roam, but I couldn't get back to the ground. <---- Image1 <---- Image2

Now unsure of what to do, I try contact with the online staff, although since there was noone in the pixelmon server, they ignored me. I try to go to /spawn (image 1) to see if the same thing happens, and it does. I also got to roam around spawn (image 2) <---- Image1 <---- Image2

This was a pretty weird glitch and I just quit my game. Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else.


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In the future, try to put a post for Pixlemon in the Pixelmon section.

Sometimes there's a glitch between client side and sever side, caused by lag in a connection. It could be that your computer thinks it mined the quicksand, server disagrees. Especially will happen because you are slowly sinking in quicksand. Probably solved just by logging out and back in.