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Minecraft Username
We have updated our lolAuth system (The system that manages /login and other stuff) to no longer require premium users to /login when they connect to the server. This means that for any username that is a premium account which tries to connect to the Minecraft server, they will only be allowed online if they are actually authenticated with Mojang's servers.

Why Have We made This Change?

We have made this change to provide a better experience for users who own premium minecraft accounts. This removes an unnecessary step for them while playing and using Lolnet, as well as fixes functionality like showing skins for these players with the latest versions of minecraft.

How Does this Affect Me?

There are 3 different categories of players who use lolnet, premium, non-premium using a premium username and non-premium using a non-premium username.

These users will benefit from a better experience as they will no longer have to /login on connection to the server. This also fixes issues with skins and the latest versions of minecraft and better protects the security of their accounts. This means that premium players receive an almost completely 'online' experience.

Non premium users using a non-premium username:
These users will notice no significant changes to how they connect to Lolnet (Unless someone purchases an account with their username - These fall in category below)

Non premium users using a premium username:
These users will no longer be able to connect to Lolnet using their premium account. These users will need to choose a username that is not a premium account to continue playing on Lolnet. (Further information below)


So, for users who are non-premium, but are using a premium username:

You will need to choose a different username and register your account to continue to be able to play on Lolnet. Staff will assist you ingame as best we can to migrate aspects of your account over.

Definitely Transferable Aspects
- Inventory
- Essentials Balance
- LolCoin Balance
- GP Claims

Please post any questions etc you have here: