Invalid Session Issue (bump)



Just thought I would mention - Only james137137 has responded and only to the ender chest problem I posted under the forum Invalid Session Issue Discussion. (link above)

Unforntunatley I had just logged off when he responded and they could always open in skyblock, but I have lost all my items I placed in it. They are still missing

Sorry for being a pain in the membrane :skeleton:


Minecraft Username
Hi Paora

Which account(s) has the ender chest problem are they still missing as of right now?
I assume you have already created account in replace of Paora. What is the name of this user? is it Indefinite88, Shad0w_88 or some otherName?

When i transfer the stuff from paora please make sure the other account inverotry (including enderChest) is clear, else you will lost it.