Introductions/lolnet Friends list


Minecraft Username
Leave a comment and I'll make a list of people who play League of Legends, so that we can add and hopefully have a few games together!
Make sure you join the North America server!

CptWin - Main Hero: Tryndamere

Megant - Main Hero: Garen

MonkeyKingNZ - Main Hero:

Sleven89 - Main Hero: Nasus

Loneoski1 - Main Hero: Cho'Gath

emomonkeyrules - Main Hero:

Hoboscreed - Main Hero:

LORDY 5TR3CH - Main Hero: Singed

Pitfall3D - Main Hero:

tokenMus - Main Hero: Ashe



Hey i play this , add me if you guys wanna game i just hit lvl 30 recently. 180 wins names stiggyla also


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Minecraft Username
Username: snakebaby
Hey how do you get that picture with the wins/loses etc at the bottom of your posts?


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hay harris12 is my user name i play alot and could help some of you new guys out if u want :)

Main Hero: Kog'Maw


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I love playing League
I mainly play mid, top or as jungler.
Please feel free to add me as I would enjoy playing with you guys/gals :D
Main hero: Swain


In-Game name: SupDoxx
I love playing LoL, started playing a while ago and loving it
Currently Level 25
Main Hero: Vayne


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hi been playing lol for a while since beta i am 1230 some thing wins normals ranked 100
some thing wins Rank elo 1440 name is SpyHawkXII all champ unlocked this is Smurf
My Main is 1200 some thing wins ranked 300 some thing wins rank elo 1740 but im
normally on my smurf so feel free to add me SpyHawkXII [II is ii but bigger]

please dont not add me if your not from New Zealand.....

Im Happy to help out any new players to improve there skills and want to learn about league of legend XD or just people who want to play League and have Fun XD

if im not online or ddint add you you guys can add me on skype
skype name is spyhawkx XD
im looking New Zealand players to make New Friends XD
im From Auckland BTW XD


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LoL name - Cwanand

I haven't spent a lot of time on the lolnet servers or anything but I'm looking for some people to jam this with from NZ. Feel free to add me. I play a mean Fizz, Miss Fortune and Support Morgana... well I'm still on struggle street with morg but I'm getting there <_<


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Looking to meet more NZ Lol players, mostly play with a group of Americans on Mumble, but the hours are just horrible. Will log onto your mumble server and chat room and check things out.

My IGN: McDaddy

I’ve been having no luck playing with randoms, so lookin for regular people to game with. Please if you add me send me a message or something so I know who you are, not really interested in having people as friends who won’t join games/speak to me.

I’d be interested in having some ARAM nights or in clan games if there are enough people up for it. Don’t know if you have a suggestions board or an events co-ordinator but I’ll post there/speak to him if you do.

Will be on tonight at about 8ish, but going up North for labour weekend so won’t be on again till Monday.