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Good day, Sirs. The names Deltrilix a merge of Delta and Skrillix but remodified ;)
Well to be honest, i have totally forgotten how i made this name but the two names come to mind, don't ya think??

AAAAnyway, consider this my introduction to the people of Lolnet.

P.S Moderators and Administrators, my friends are monkey_oranges, Tuhoeboy, MasterMarino, PHOENIX_4pp, Insyc, Jaxxtrixx and _KYURE_. Saying this incase they poost stuff in the forums saying that ive greifed or something along those lines. They can be "funny" like that.


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this in not a introduction its a warning, and even if we do post something in the forums then u probs have done it dude were aint idiots to just randomly blame others.
Come on bro trust us not boyzz :cry: :cry: :x