Introduction for MegaZer0


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Hey guys :D
I've just joined lolnet and it occurs to me that lolnet is a great envrioment to be around.
Going on today I saw most of the admins on such as (cptwin, james137137, Schnicks_NZ and retired 0zlw).

What do you do in my spare time?
I'm designing a plugin named AirPlace, where you can do a command to place a block in the air. Myself and a couple of users a starting with it, in a couple of weeks.
I starting to look up to Schnicks_NZ because he is the Architect of lolnet and I love building detailed structures with WorldEdit sometimes legit.

What you can offer lolnet?
I've come on to have a good time but aswell as to help other users with claiming, trade signs etc.....

Well I don't want to give out my life story but I study at the Tauranga polytect.

Well my kind regards.