Introducing Pple to Mineshafter


Mineshafter is basicly a software that allows non-premium users of minercaft own skins.
What you'll have to do to use mineshafter:
1-Go to, sign up for a account(u dont have to pay money to sign up)
2-Copy this url : to a another tab
3-Click sign up and Enter ur minecraft username and stuff.
4-log into ur account and go to the top right corner(were ur username is) and click settings
5-copy a skin URL from this website :
6-Paste it into the skin URL spot and click set
7-Dont forget to download mineshafter
8-Double click mineshafter and two other .jar stuff will appear
9-Double click mineshafter again and enter ur registered minercaft username+password
10-Enjoy Minecraft with ur new skin!!! :lol: