Introducing myself, Sivaan


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Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to say that i'm not really good in english then plz ask me to repeat if you don't fully understand. The reason for why, a french speaking guy, is here playing to a nice server like lolnet is because I never, NEVER found any french departed server! ( or similar like lolnet works). Maybe because departed is not quite popular I guess.. They are all on infinity or unleashed.

Now, about myself : My name is Dominic but call me Sivaan, my minecraft name. I've 31 years old and I'm from Quebec province,Canada. My goal on departed server is to explore all dimension and maybe to build some Big things, for example a big truck, all made of stone and wool ( I would like to know if we can build huge project things before to start that). Probably I'll to try other modpack in the future. I've already played on infinity,unleashed and ultimate

Feel free to ask me for help about anything, it will be a pleasure for me to help. :)


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Welcome to lolnet. :D


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Thanks for welcome me, I appreciate it =)

eliteaccendo said:
Hey Sivaan! Welcome to lolnet :) I have a friend in Quebec Canada who I play Minecraft with as well, beautiful place!
I see we're not alone me and my friend to play on lolnet! :D