Internet crapped out


Minecraft Username
Hey guys

So today my Internet decided to have a fit and crap itself :'( so that means no gaming of any sort or anything that uses Internet. The ont reason I am on right now is because I have 3G on on iPhone. I will still be monetizing the forums like I normally do but this also means no emails. So I can't see any replies so if I don't reply on a topic that you need me to you will have to wait till I get on. I am not sure what's wrong with it, the Internet just refuses to co-operate and turn on. I've reset my modem 20 times and still nothing. By tomorrow afternoon if it isn't fixed then a call will be made to Telstra.
It may be 3-4 before I get on lolnet again :/


i was wondering wtf happened to you man.
good to know your alive! hehe :)
get back on soon :mrgreen:

remember the tarot reading I did for you?
is this the challenge the cards told us of? the internet being gone? :|