Inter-Town Trading


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Recently IceCubesBurning(owner of MineHaven) and I (owner of Ellesmera) have been thinking about a new 'Inter-Town Trading system' *copyright*. The town which are included in this will need a large body of water, a dock/trading district connected to the lake and space for a sailing ship. After the requirements are completed a message can be sent by the town to either me or ice to ask about the trading system and wether your town is viable. A ship will be built in each harbour representing your town (I suggest you make it look good, as well as having a town sail/banner on the ship. From this ship wares from you town will be sold.

Also the town leader can specify a theme (e.g. modern, medieval) for his/her town's port/trading post.

-If anyone is interested please feel welcome to post your town name and or in-game name here if you have no town and want a trading post for your house.

-cheers :D all the best