In Search for a new ADC champ :D


Hello all,

I was just wondering which ADC champion you guys use? I use Vayne and Caitlyn, but I'm getting bored of using them :/. Any suggestions?


ADC? It seems that you like to play ranged ADCs, so I suggest you try people like Kog Maw, Ezreal or Greaves etc etc, each of them have their pros and cons. I personally find Kog Maw fun because you can snipe people with your ult ^.^ Ezreal is also fun too but all his Skills are skillshots and require skill to use.

Other than the "Typical" ADC you encounter in the game, you could also try other people like AD LeBlanc, She has one of the best kit for an ADC ( Snare, Silence, Gap Closer, and even better, her ult clones her previous ability!) Although her abilities don't scale at all with AD, shes still fun to play as, and it certainly screws with the minds of your opponents as they weren't expecting the unexpected ^.^

All and all its pretty much up to you to experiment with the champs you like, as everyone hass their own style and liking, but it shouldn't mean you should be restricted to some specific champs :D

Good Luck :)


I've tried Ezreal out a few times, had really good games with him, but I find him a bit boring when it gets late game (Apart from shooting his ult at long range :D). I enjoy Kog Maw, he's a real good ADC, but not really my type of champ. I find KogMaw a bit hard to use in teamfights, that's why.) I've never tried Graves, but I give him a shot.

Anyways, thanks for the suggestion!


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Graves is pretty good, I still like Tryndamere!

I did recently see a ADC Sona and that worked VERY well!


ADC Sona?? That's IMPOSSIBRUUU!! :p LOL I can't imagine someone playing that!

Tryndamere is really good, but it takes skill to maintain his rage bar for future champion battles. I got a double PENTA-KILL in a intermediate bot match with tryndamere lol.

btw, how long (approx) is the cooldown of graves' Q and ult?


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AD Sona? Anything is possible in League of Legends. That's why Ultimate Bravery exists :p

At max rank, Graves Q is 8 seconds and ulti is 80 seconds.
Graves is a fun ADC and the one I've been playing the most recently. Just keep in mind his Q does more damage when you're in the enemies face.