Im taking a break from minecraft...


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hey guys , if you may not Know me or Know me ..i am going to be leaving minecraft for abit .. lately i have been depressed lately, coz of minecraft, not the server ..i've been ditching my friends lately , my real life friends just to play minecraft .. my school work is going down .. and im ditching rugby training alot .. just coz of minecraft .. all my life i thought minecraft was just a game , then after awhile it turned into a addiction, i couldnt stop playing it .. so i think the best thing to do is , take a break ... for a year or soo..just to get my life sorted.. and get back on track... so to all lolnet players gudluck for UA or so .. and may lolnet be one of the best servers i have ever played on .. Thank you to all the staffs for being really friendly .. :D... cya guys

Unknown101 :pig: :)


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First of all goodbye Unknown it's been good to help you and and to know you :)
secondly, good on you for thinking about what choices you make. It's always good to keep your life balanced :)

Cya on the other side ~