I'm New to LeagueOfLegends!


Hi, I'm SupDoxx (My LoL in-game is SupDoxx as well)

I play in the North America server, Level 11, and I use the champion "Teemo".
I was wondering if there was a website where I could get a Teemo build from, and if you
"pros" could give me some advice on how to pwn :p. I'm a basic attacker, I always kill people with basic attacks, hardly ever abilities.

Oh yea, and add me on LoL :p


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Hi, I'm on the same server and you can add me if you want by I have high wins/level so is not a good idea for us to play together as it will put very skilled players vs you.

To find guides type the name of the char then lol guide into google "teemo lol guide" then pick the link that is mobofirexxxx/teemo_guide then it will give you a list of guides usually the top one is the best.

here is a good one for teemo.
Its called onhit teemo. Basically every time you hit somone the items you buy gives you bonus effects. You get atk speed etc too and basically just auto atk till they are dead.
Is very powerful.

http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legen ... wgun-82617