If You Want UserAssistant? Read this!

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Hey guys,
As a UserAssistant i love to see all the applications coming in. The thing that i hate? People spamming the forums to make their top 10.
IF YOU WANT USERASSISTANT THEN DO NOT SPAM THE FORUMS!!!!!! it will only get it declined

So like i said in a different post:

But just so you know;
-You need at least 10 posts (if you spam the forums the application will be declined)
-If you ask other staff available to vote on your poll you can decrease the chances of you getting UA
-It's no use asking users what they thing the chances of you getting UA will be. This can be done privately of course but there is no need on the forums as users cannot vote. Only User Assistants and up
-This one goes without saying but dont bribe User Assistants, as the staff have creative

There are just some notes that i think you should know and im not trying to be harsh just realistic. And dont let this post make you not want to be a UA. I am just saying what you should do in order to become UA

It's great you want to be a user assistant. And all i can say is have at it

However, please dont spam the forums. Posts like i like the server, posts like i got my friend to join. Honestly this is not the way to go to. It's great that you want to move up the ranks, however; if you can answer some of these then try waiting some time before applying for user assistant again

1. Your new
2. You have spammed the forums
3. You have made useless and made irrelevant posts on the forums
4. Basically ignored all tips and hints given to you
5. You have disregarded most of the hints and tips and the comments made to you

The ways to help you out;
1. Try being active on the server and the forums
2. Reply on relevant topics and do NOT spam the forums further
3. Try to help people on the server
4. Take in all the tips and hints people have given to you by people that have been here longer then you would know (and longer then they would like to admit)
5. Do what the user assistants ask of you and other staff members
6. Dont make more user assistant applications because they will most likely be turned down
7. My most helpfull hint would be to make the User Assistants AND the staff team to like you to be able to vote for you. The only way you can get User Assistant rank is by getting 10 yes votes, so you need 10 staff members to say 'yes' to your UA poll. So im not telling you to kiss their arse at all, im saying talk to them, help them out and try to be their friends.

My last thing. Follow the application guide EXACTLY!!! Do this then you have a better chance of getting UA
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