i have an idea

Is there anyway to make it so that way natural health regeneration is turned off so that way there is a use for gold? because at the moment the gold is useless and if you turn off natural regeneration that would make gold actually have a use.
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Gold blocks make great paving stones.
yes it does make it more difficult for people but then it gives a good reason to go caving and I personaly think that it would make the game a little bit more exciting but thats my perspective on it i think we should have a vote on here and if we get 75% of 40 people or how ever many people staff should think vote for the natural regeneration off


I very much like your idea Ohiofort, I think it will make a Good use of gold, For those Godmode players such as DiamondVIP will not need gold coz Of Godmode :geek:


Gold does have a use.
Its a currency unto itself. plus, think of the butter blocks, an the butter giant seats?
buddah buddah buddah.
I think the idea may have some use, but as a general over all restriction on the server, it would be highly impractical and make n00bs incredibly frustrated.


Umm.... Honestly I don't think that is a terrible idea, but I also think that it would be inconvenient and basically impossible for newer players to re-generate health. No offence to other survival/factions servers, but hardcore survival features like the suggestion ohiofort01 made aren't very attractive or appealing to n3wbs. BTW, I agree with Chipz and gold is indeed useful for worshiping the almighty budder god, or building wealth-showing millionaire monuments.