Hunger Games Complete!


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The map is finished and ready for some action!

There are 12 slots for players.. please post if you would like to play in the opening round.

Please only apply after reading the rules for the hunger games


When you are teleported to the arena you will be put in a starting cubical. please be patient.

You must have nothing in your inventory before you enter the map. So store all your stuff at your house before coming

Once everyone is in place the game will start. last man standing wins

DO NOT BREAK ANY BLOCKS..except tree leaves :). Dont break any other block.. this includes webs.

Anything you find in a chest is yours to use how you wish.

When you die its game over. Your dead body will be escorted/removed from the arena.

Teaming up is allowed...but remember.. There is only 1 winner.. So you have to betray your partner at some time :p

Winner gets an in game cash prize of $20,000. No runners up :p

Time of event still to come


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The server is cracked right?

If yes, count me in.

You can also destroy vines and mushrooms, just so you know.
If i'm aloud then i'm keen to play. If required you can even demote me to reg user to ensure i don't cheat (Although i promise i wont haha) As long as i get my rank back after i die or win :p


Hi Guys,
Could you plz sign me up...


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I would like to compete :D
Looks like there is going to be a bit of a list :p
Extend the components ring to 24 people :p haha. That way even if it's only 12 people, you can just seperate them with a cubicle in between? Just an idea ha.