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Hunger Games 2 - 14/7/12

~The HQ For Hunger Games 2 Information

All discussion about the Hunger Games can take place on the Hunger Games Discussion thread.

Post 1 - Key Information
Post 2 - Competitors List

Key Information

TImeline - Event Night

6:25pm - 6:30pm - Viewing of the arena (All users welcome)
6:45pm - Competitor processing begins
7:00pm - All competitors must be in attendance
7:05pm - Replacement reserves are added
7:10pm - Arena Deployment Begins
7:15pm - Spectator Processing begins
7:20pm - All competitors ready
7:25pm - Spectator Processing Closes
7:30pm - Go!

The Rules

-Must be here by 7:00pm or you could loose your place
-First in first served on the forums
-No cheating or hacking
-Blocks can't be broken
-Teaming up is allowed, but watch your back... Only 1 Winner!
-Current prize is set at: $200,000 (Survival World)
-No abuse of other players or Lolnet Staff will be tolerated otherwise you will be muted for the duration of the event.
-All instructions by an Administrator must be followed (Or you may be disqualified from competing)
-Do not bring anything with you to processing.
-Don't complain if you fall off :p


-Date is currently Saturday the 14th of July (Subject to change)
-You will not be able to participate if you are not ready at 7pm.
-You will be processed in an orderly manner, you must be patient at all times.
-It will start at 7:30pm sharp with a 10 second count down preceding the start.


This year's arena will be a spectacle to not forget. Because of it being small but being tall, makes it the perfect place for spectating. However the spectating zone has windows so key rules apply:

-Spectators may not bring anything with them. (Anybody who attempts to sneak stuff in will be banned from watching)
-All spectators will be screened for items, so attempting to sneak stuff in will not work.
-Spectators must remain calm and orderly or they will be muted.


Official Hunger Games voice chat will take place on the Teamspeak server (Connect to ""). Players using this will receive advanced priority with processing and request handling as well as being the first to know any important information. (Joining this is suggested for best results)

$50,000 (Minecraft Survial World Money) in total will be drawn as spot prizes for TeamSpeak users, so why not join, even just listen.

Note: Please be respectful of important information that needs to be sent across and it is appreciated if we do get silence when we ask. Any sort of abuse will not be tolerated.


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Competitors List and Information

This list is completely randomized to ensure that the arena is the fairest it can be. In order from Tube 1 to Tube 28:

1. Buzbar10
2. Ado5
3. BombaSuski
4. GazzanatorNz
5. SlayerX
6. Titan_Of_Time (Replaces Ironspartan117)
7. Sentaria16
8. Xx_Noodelz_xX
9. Lord_Mega
10. Schnicks_NZ
11. Cptwin
12. ZombieApocalips
13. Afa97
14. Danhanado
15. Dylan2020
16. LordDoug
17. Dezil
18. Blinkerbot
19. JunCreep
20. SupDoxx
21. Chrisi0299
22. Nitroform_
23. Gxlnz
24. Gountero
25. Rendy
26. Lord_Craft88
27. BennyFighterZ
28. BenB

Things to note, previous champion SlayerX in slot 5. In slots 8-11 have all 4 competing Lolnet staff, a very interesting randomized list indeed.

What you need to do to retain spot:

-Stay an active user. To retain your spot you must come on Lolnet at least once every week in the lead up.
-If you get a punishment (Jailing or Tempban) you will no longer be eligible to play
-If you do not follow direct instructions by an Administrator, you will lose your spot
-If you are caught using any form of hacking or cheating ability in the lead up, you will lose your spot.


4. Justinian
5. Greengear99
6. JoshVz
7. BintangFs
8. GodofWar_16
9. Skyblufe
10. Sir_Survival

In all likelihood players will not make it to the event so those players at the top of the reserve list can expect to come along and to still have a spot to play in. You must be here by 7:00pm to gain a spot otherwise it will be given to the player after you.
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