Hunger Drive - Community Thanks


Just a quick post this morning.
A big thanks to everyone who came out from our community to help with the HungerDrive. For anyone who doesn't know HungerDrive was a 40 hour event hosted on our network where for, you guessed it, 40 hours a 'model' refugee camp was created for charity. Overall this event was a great success with over $2600NZD raised directly for charity.

That said I would like to say thanks once again to everyone who came unprompted from our community to help with the construction. In addition thanks to everyone who volunteered (Or was volunteered) to help run the entire event: Eliteaccendo, Chris_NZ, Rhodesy523, Tegal_NZ and FaMatrix. Finally thanks to James137137 and LX_Gaming for without their rapid coding ability this event would certainly wouldn't have gone as smoothly.

For those who want to have a look around the server will be coming back online later this week, a rendered map is available here & finally the map will be available to download later.

That's all for now, I'll follow this up with a more official post in the future, this is merely to inform everyone of what happened quickly in the aftermath and to express my gratitude for the Lolnet community & fellow volunteers through this event.

Good night/morning for now and I'll see everyone throughout the coming week.
See I didn't forget you this time Rhodesy


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