Hi Guys! MitchNZL here

Hi guys!

My name is MitchNZL, but my nick is ~Mitch_ :). Im always here to help, if you need anything. I'm happy to help anyone short on money/resources and anyone thats new to the server! If you ever need me just /m MitchNZL with your message :)

Mitch. :D :D :D
Hey Mitch

Nice to see you helping around the server. :D Late Welcome
Hope to build with you man

Cheers :meat: :meat: :meat: :meat: :meat:
Hey mItch

aheadvideos is sych a loong name
from now on call me theawesomescienceguywhohapenstobeaUabosskidswaggerloadedsxuxxkid....videos

I give you permission to call me that