Hey y'all!

:diamond: Hey everyone! :diamond:
:shroomred: How are you? I'm feeling awesome! As it is Friday in my time zone currently, and I don't have to worry about homework yay! :shroomred:
:feather: Anyway, back to introducing myself. :feather:
:fire: I am Helga_Hufflepuff, an 11 year old who goes to an International School in China along with cherry2003 my amazing uber (super duper) nice great funny awesome hilarious friend! I love reading, eating, watching anime, hanging out with friends, more! :fire:
Here's the story of how I found Lolnet!
:flowerred: It was just a nice and normal sunny day until this girl found Lolnet, and she- :flowerred:
Oops, sorry, I think it's overdramatic :p
:creeper: So basically I just searched up Minecraft 1.8 Servers and I was just scrolling through the list and putting in random Server IDs into Minecraft. The first time I tried going into Lolnet didn't work. Then when I started Skype calling my friend Cherry, I showed her that all the servers I put in randomly didn't work, but when I tried Lolnet, it worked! I was like, OMG and she was like, OMG! (Notice how she was more excited than me, lol!) :creeper:
:log: After that, we both started playing daily (well, at least I did..) and we were both having so much fun. We were both really excited whenever we learnt something new or discovered something new we never knew. :log:

Ahhh, it feels like it were just yesterday I first entered Lolnet... Hehe~

So, more facts about me:
- I am in the Divergent faction Candor, so I speak my mind if I feel like it, not all times though.
- I am in the Harry Potter house Hufflepuff, as you can tell by my name :D
- I have loved Minecraft ever since Grade 3 for as long I can remember!
- I love helping people build or come up with new ideas for new buildings!
- I am completely trustworthy, please do trust me! I NEVER (and I mean NEVER EVER) steal or destroy or anything else that's horrible anything that belongs to you. I never say "no" to great ideas, unless if it's time for me to go :( Well, even when I gotta go, I still say yes but I ask for another time :)
- I am quite active, though sometimes I have homework or my internet is having troubles so yeah. But I will try my best to be on as much as I can!
- I tend to post quite long posts, as you can see on this post... XD
I could go on! But I don't wanna keep you here all day!

I hope you've learnt a few things about me, and please don't hesitate to reply or ask questions! (But if it's a personal question about my personal life, I may or may not answer it due to my privacy issues..)

Have a nice weekend everyone!
Sincerely yours,


Hey, awesome introduction!!
Welcome to lolnet, I look forward to seeing you in-game! :D
ShazzyShizz said:
;) Hey Helga! Nice Introduction! :shroomred:

Hey..umm, what do I call you? xD Shazzy? Hehe, sorry!

Thanks about the intro! I tend to type too much in a post when I'm so into typing..hehe!

- Helga