Hey guys


Hey guys, I know I've been on this server for about 3 months I believe, but I want to start new since I got banned for flying but un-banned by Chosen (Thanks).

Anyway, I have become MUCH more familiar with Minecraft multiplayer concepts during my ban, for I began to work more on my Minecraft Server (still under construction), which helped me understand many essentials commands and how to use simple plugins such as PEX, Multiverse, Login Security, Factions, Grief prevention and others.

On the lolnet server however, I enjoy selling and trading with other players and building monuments/buildings with materials I have earnt by trading or selling rare items (All my precious diamonds! :lol:). I also have now started getting more involved with the forums, although only a short while ago. I have practically given up PvP on the server, after a ragequit and a ban (Go get'm EvolutionX players! :D), although I regularly play on server to build and to be part of the community.

So this is a short summary of my current lolnetian life, so thanks!